The type of creature that the FireWire’s form is based on

The power class of a FireWire. There are a total of four standard category types. Yellow is weakest, followed by orange, red, and blue as the strongest. FireWires do not normally change category status, but it has been recorded to occur in extreme cases.
SPECIAL CATEGORY: Black and White: This special class of FireWire is extremely powerful, has the ability to speak, and always comes in a set (one white and one black, sharing the same Base). There is little else widely known about this type of FireWire, but NOH would do practically anything to get their hands on them.

Contact Point(CP):
The point at which a FireWire is connected to its host/partner. Level 1 FireWires can only create a contact point with items that belong to their host. Level 2’s and 3’s create contact point tattoos which allows them to regenerate inside the body of their host.
Contact Points are also the weakest point of a FireWire and its host. If a FireWire directs an attack at a Contact Point while a FireWire is regenerating inside of it, it may destroy the FireWire and even kill the FireWire’s host.
When an attack is directed at a Contact Point while a FireWire is NOT regenerating (ex. during a fight) it is no longer a lethal attack, but it may still cause damage. The most common side effect is a temporary disruption of energy between a FireWire and its host, resulting in the host’s inablity to summon weapons or defenses. It is also common for a FireWire to feel the effects of any attack aimed at their Contact Point.
Contact Points can also get very hot during a fight or when a FireWire is converting energy, so many FireWire hosts will keep it uncovered as a matter of comfort.

Energy Conversion:
FireWires use 1 of 4 types of energy conversion in order to create attacks: electric, sonic, thermal, or radiation. Besides electric, Level 2 FireWire’s can only manifest one other type of energy conversion (EX. A Level 2 FireWire that uses sonic conversion CANNOT also use thermal conversion). It is rumored that Level 3 FireWires can use multiple conversion methods and may also be able to COMBINE conversions. But these rumors have been unverified due to the scarcity of Level 3 FireWires.
NOTE: There is in fact a 5th energy conversion, but the name and nature of this conversion is unknown.

There are a total of 3 known FireWire level types. Level 1’s are FireWires still connected to an electronic device and have little to no offensive abilities; they can deflect other FireWire attacks and that’s about it. Level 2’s have learned to use their energy as attacks and can even split some of their energy off to create a weapon for their partner. Level 3 FireWires are rare and extremely volatile.
Additional Notes: The majority of FireWires cannot speak, but they can communicate with their master in certain ways. Only category black or white can talk.


The details and exact origin of this shadow organization is a mystery to NOH, but in the past 4 years, it has become one of Branch4 and Branch5’s biggest threats.

BLADE’s primary goal is to dismantle NOH; more specifically, to cut off the Branches that are misusing FireWires and committing unethical experiments on human subjects. Operatives who work within this organization typically function in Units of 5-7 members. These Units are given assignments depending on the amount of NOH and RO activity that is going on in their area. For some their assignment is to guard potential Branch4 targets and to take care of any RO interference. For others it is Tactical Dismantling, which requires infiltration of NOH facilities in order to destroy the facility or to learn more about what NOH is planning.
While BLADE does do its best to be a force for good, some of their actions could be deemed as bad as NOH’s own manipulative tactics.

NOH’s Classified Studies Laboratory. There are upwards of 100 different Sites on the North American Continent and they are not easily accessible. They each employ 2 to 4 Retrieval Operatives in order to ensure security. Some of this Branch’s key projects include: Samaritan, Guardian, Firewall.

According to official record, this Branch does not exist. This research branch is responsible for NOH’s most cutting edge and controversial experiments. Some of this Branch’s key projects include: Samaritan X, Interference, Cache.

A scientific giant that specializes in entertainment, medical, and military technologies. Their motto is “Advancing Nature.”
NOH is broken up into subsections called “Branches.” Branch1 focuses on medical, Branch2 focuses on military, Branch3 focuses on entertainment, Branch4 (a classified Branch) focuses on FireWires, and Branch5 does not exist.

Retrieval Operatives:
Retrieval Operatives (ROs) are specialized employees of Branch4 and Branch5. They are equipped with a FireWire and are extensively trained in combat. Their prime directive is to ensure security and to retrieve any and all FireWires. Branch4 Operatives are made up of naive youth's that were either raised by NOH personnel or were victims of a FireWire-related incident. Branch5 Operatives are made up older and more experienced fighters whose assignments range from kidnappings to executions.

RO Case Payouts:
Retrieval Operatives are paid for every case they close. The higher the Priority rating, the higher the pay. Priority 5 is the lowest rating while Priority 1 is highest. High priority cases also involve more dangerous FireWires for retrieval. Example: a Priority 5 case involves the retrieval of a FireWire that is category yellow, level 1. A Priority 2 Case involves the retrieval of a FireWire that is category blue, level 3. Priority 1 cases involve the retrieval of a category white or black FireWire (although these are extremely RARE.)

Samaritan and Samaritan X:
The only project that Branch4 and Branch 5 collaborated on. Each project had a mirroring set of initiatives, but there are 3 initiatives that are especially worth noting: The Psyche Initiative, The Mobility Initiative, the Pulse Initiative.[More info later]

Site 00:
The first Branch4 laboratory that created the FireWires. However, a massive explosion released thousands of FireWires into the world and killed all the personnel employed there. This occurred 12 years ago.

Site 29:
This Site houses severely injured RO’s and doubles as a care facility for children who have been orphaned due to FireWire incidents, making it unique among all of Branch4’s Sites. Site 29 also functions as an education and training facility for beginner RO’s, since many of the orphans housed here typically opt-in to becoming part of Branch4’s personnel.

Site 47:
One of Branch4’s largest and most powerful research labs. Site 47 is also renowned for the particularly skilled ROs it employs.

Zone Categories:
A system used by BLADE to label combatants or targets. Categories range from 1-6 and usually takes into account how potentially dangerous/volatile a person may be:

Zone 1 combatants: non-NOH affiliated Firewire users; usually clueless about what NOH is. Fight only in defense. Can be easily talked into standing down.

Zone 2 combatants: non-NOH affiliated FireWire users. Know about NOH and routinely starts fights with RO’s. Could be described as vigilantes of justice. Many Blade Operatives were in this zone at one point.

Zone 3 combatants: non-NOH FireWire users who use their FireWires for illegal activity (hacking, theft, etc). They are not usually violent, but they have no problems fighting anyone that gets in the way of their objective. They are a nuisance for Blade Operatives, but not typically dangerous.

Zone 4 combatants: Retrieval Operatives from Branch4.

Zone 5 combatants: non-NOH affiliated mercenaries who use their FireWires for targeted assassinations or similar acts. They have no qualms about killing anyone/thing that gets involved in their business or gets in the way of their objectives. To be approached with extreme caution. Zone code also applies to most Branch5 Retrieval Operatives.

Zone 6 combatants: includes both ROs and non-NOH affiliated FireWire users. Typically have a record of unstable and homicidal tendencies. Very powerful fighters with no discernible moral code. Have been in the center of many major FireWire-related catastrophes.